Licensing, Audit and General Purposes Committee meetings


Information about Licensing, Audit and General Purposes Committee

This committee is responsible for licensing and other regulatory matters. Its main responsibilities are:


·       Controlling licensing including:

o   Alcohol, entertainments and late night refreshment

o   Caravan sites

o   Gaming and amusements

o   Food preparation premises

o   Farm animals and animal products

o   Markets and street trading

o   Cafés and takeaways

o   Acupuncture, tattooing and hairdressing

o   Domestic animals and pet shops

o   Legislative powers in relation to food businesses

o   Street trading

o   Taxi licensing


·       Approving the council's statement of accounts, income and expenditure and balance sheet

·       Byelaws

·       The mayoralty

·       Elections and electoral registration

·       The appeals procedure and other matters relating to staffing and appointments

·       Maintenance of the council's standing orders and constitution