Agenda item

Open Space - New Health Activities

            To receive a presentation from the Health and Physical Activity Officer, Mr Martin Sterio on new health activities.


            Mr. Martin Sterio, Health and Physical Activity Officer, attended the meeting to give a presentation on new health activities. A number of events would be taking place across the Borough in the open green and urban spaces, these included:


·                Rushmoor Park Run - launched in 2014, the Park run was a weekly 5K run at the Polo Fields, off Queens Avenue, Aldershot. An average of 300 runners participated each week making the run one of the largest in Hampshire. Around 25 volunteers were involved in the organisation and the Council worked closely with the Blackwater Valley Runners to co-ordinate the event.


·                Beat the Streets - Aldershot – In March 2015 a walking initiative had been launched where people tapped a card against monitors around the town to record the number of miles they had covered over a four week period.  4,000 residents participated, including six schools and four community groups. Additional events had been held at the weekends, such as a community fun run, 5k Bingo Walk and a family cycle ride. A “Couch to 5k” running course for beginners had also been established. Six months on from the event, a survey had been carried out, the data from which showed that 73% continued to be more active, 47% took the car less and 71% continued to walk more often.


·                Rushmoor Wellesley 10K – Launched in 2015 the Wellesley 10K covered the Polo Fields, Wellesley Woodlands and Basingstoke Canal. The event ran in association with a number of local organisations including; Grainger, The Greater Nepalese Community and the Blackwater Valley Runners.


·                Breeze Cycle Rides - Launched in 2015 the Breeze Cycle ride was for women only which took place bi-monthly in Rushmoor and the surrounding areas. Rushmoor had hosted the largest Breeze ride in Hampshire in 2016.


·                Farnborough Flyer Cycle Sportive – Starting at The Village Hotel, Farnborough, this cycling event had hosted 300 riders participating in either, a 75 mile, 50 mile or 21 mile ride in 2016. The 2017 event was planned to accommodate 500 entrants, additional family, and junior rides. The event would be organised in partnership with VC Meudon Cycling Club, the Village Hotel, Pedal heaven Kids club and Decathlon.


·                Farnborough Winter Half Marathon – This event had been launched in January 2017 with 2,000 runners. The route took in the business park, Southwood woodland, Basingstoke Canal and the airport perimeter. It was expected that 3,000 runners would take part in 2018. The event ran in partnership with 2:09 events, with support from TAG, BMW and Fluor.


·                Twilight Challenge – Since 2012, TAG, in conjunction with the Community Matters Partnership, had hosted a 10k or 5k event on the airfield in June.  13,000 people had participated since 2012 by riding running, skating or walking on the airport runway at twilight.


            The Panel noted the positive impact of the events, which included: greater numbers of adults and young people regularly exercising resulting in improved levels of wellbeing; increased civic pride; economic benefits; improved community cohesion; and, enhancement of the Council’s credibility within the community through good working relationships with clubs and businesses.


            It was suggested that an article should be included in the Arena magazine detailing the events for the whole year so residents were aware well in advance.


The Chairman thanked Mr. Sterio for his presentation.