Agenda item

Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Sir Andrew Morris, Chief Executive of Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, has been invited to the Panel to provide an update on the hospital and any issues it may have faced over the last year.


The Panel welcomed Sir Andrew Morris (Chief Executive of Frimley Health NHS Foundaton Trust), who had been invited to attend the meeting to provide an update on the developments across Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Members were informed that before the merger, Wexham Park hospital had received an ‘inadequate’ rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), however, the hospital had siginificantly improved and in the 2015 inspection, was considered as an overall ‘good’ hospital by the CQC, with their urgent and emergency services and critical care service receiving ‘outstanding’ ratings. Heatherwood was also rated as ‘good’, which meant that Frimley Heath received the best multisite rating in England. It was explained that Wexham Park’s siginificant improvements had been achieved by setting five key objectives: get the culture right, improve governance, quality and safety, raise and sustain performance, improve the infrastructure and financial recovery. Sir Andrew Morris informed the Panel Members that while there was still work to do on the first three objectives, their focus was on the improvement of infrastructure and financial recovery.


Frimley Health’s quarterly performance was shared with the Panel and it was noted that the accident and emergency (A&E) department waiting target would be met if 95% of patients did not have to wait longer than four hours to be seen. 91.6% of Frimley Park Hospital’s patients were seen by a medical professional in under four hours, which resulted in the hospital not meeting the target for the fourth quarter. Sir Andrew Morris also informed Members that the number of patients visiting the A&E department had increased by 10% and in a 24 hour period, around 330 patients visit the department, 80% of these patients visited between the hours of 10am-10pm. In order to decrease the waiting time, it was heard that there was an aim to increase GP cover but there were also issues around some patients choosing not to phone ‘111’ or visit their GP before visiting A&E.


            The Panel was informed of plans to build a new hospital on the Heatherwood site at a cost of £72million. The new hospital would include 6 operating theatres, 48 beds, 16 day case beds, an outpatients facilitiy and a diagnostic centre. It was noted that an engagement exercise with local residents was due to start in April. It was thought that the introduction of this hospital would enable the Trust to move some additional activity from Frimley, resulting in an opportunity to further develop some of Frimley Park Hospital’s current facilities and services. Key service improvements discussed included: stroke services, acute renal service, vascular services, breast unit and kidney cancer treatment.


            Members noted that Frimley Health had been approached to become part of a wider initiative, working closely with the North East Hampshire and Farnham Clinical Commissioning Group. Possible priorities for the initiative included improving wellbeing, increasing prevention and early detection and promoting greater self-care. Plans for opening Hubs in key local towns had also been discussed, which would offer support from GPs, social care and community nurses.


            The Chairman thanked Sir Andrew Morris for attending the meeting and the Panel NOTED the update.