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Children and Young People's Partnership

            To receive a presentation from Ms. Jane Armstrong, Chair of the Children and Young People’s Partnership, on the activities and working arrangements of the partnership.




            The Panel welcomed Ms. Jane Armstrong, Chairman of the Rushmoor Local Children’s Partnership and Head Teacher at Farnborough Grange Nursery and Infant Community School. Ms. Armstrong had been invited to give a presentation on activities and working arrangements of the Rushmoor Local Children’s Partnership (LCP). The Partnership was the local strategic arm of the Hampshire Children’s Trust Board and had cross partner members from both statutory and voluntary organisations.


            The Panel was advised of the delivery plan and activities between 2010 and 2012. The two main areas of concern had been to reduce the rate of teenage conception, pregnancy and parenting and to improve attendance rates at schools across the Borough. The Panel discussed the pregnancy rate in the Borough and noted that this had reduced between 2010 and 2012. A request was made for more up to date information relating to teenage pregnancies by ward. The school attendance figures were also discussed.  It was reported that these had reduced from well above the national average to 6% over the same period.


            Ms. Armstrong then advised on the activities of the LCP between 2012-2016. Due to funding cuts and gaps created from the restructuring of the Hampshire Youth Service, new funding streams and priorities had to be identified. Transitional funding had been used to keep key services available until new funds were secured. A consultation had been carried out in Hart and Rushmoor to identify the key services required locally, these included services for drugs/smoking/alcohol, sexual health, teenage pregnancy, social activities and homelessness. The Panel discussed the closure of the local children’s centre and the successes they had had, with teenage parents in particular, in the past. It was noted that funding had been passed to the Source and Step by Step and measures would be put in place to ensure that the funds were being used effectively to tackle the local issues.


            A discussion was held over the proposals from Hampshire County Council (HCC) to have one Youth Support Service (YSS) provider for the whole of the County. The importance of more locally based services was recognised as the young people in Rushmoor had as many issues as those in the larger cities and towns in the County and were as worthy of receiving the services available.


            The Panel noted the LCP’s Action Plan 2012 to present.  The Plan had reflected the five priorities set out by HCC, which focused on poverty, health, learning, safety and recreation. The Plan had a two-tiered approach, work that could be managed directly by the LCP, such as Early Years attainment and YSS commissioning, and the work managed outside the LCP which was reported to it by the responsible organisation.


            Mrs. Armstrong reported on an emerging issue within the Hart/Rushmoor area relating to school places for children with special educational needs. It was advised that, currently, 40 children were not in school due to a shortage of places available to accommodate the complex learning needs of the individuals. It was noted that two extra classrooms were to be provided on the Farnborough Grange site to be used by the Henry Tyndale School to accommodate extra pupils in the area.  The Panel discussed the issue and requested that a representative from the Local Education Authority be invited to a future meeting of the Panel to discuss the situation and advise on its proposals to address the issue. The Panel noted that the LCP were currently working on putting together case studies on the issue, and local MP, Sir Gerald Howarth, had met with the LCP and was aware of the situation.


            The Panel was advised on the current situation with the activities of the LCP relating to educational attainment and noted that the picture within secondary schools was mixed but had been improving despite changes to regulations around GCSE’s. The Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2 picture had also improved placing Rushmoor above the national average on Age Related Expectations (ARE+). School attendance statistics had improved considerably since 2010.


            In summary, Mrs. Armstrong praised the continuing work and uniqueness of the LCP and the wealth of knowledge brought to the table by those involved with the Partnership.


            In response to a query it was noted that there was limited information on children educated at home. An area of concern however was around children with a Romany heritage, statistics showed that children from this background were the most underperforming group.


            The Chairman thanked Mrs Armstrong for her presentation.





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Further information be provided on teenage pregnancies by ward for Members.



Jane Armstrong, Chairman of the Local Children’s Partnership.


December, 2016


A representative from the Local Education Authority be invited to attend a future meeting of the Panel to discuss the issue of the lack of school places for children with special educational needs in the Borough.



Panel Administrator


Early 2017