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Review of Registered Providers - 2017/18

To receive a report from the Registered Providers Review Group for the 2017/18 Municipal Year (copy attached).


The Committee welcomed Sue Thornett, Strategy and Enabling Officer, who attended the meeting to give a report on the 2017/18 Review of Registered Providers.


The purpose of the review was to gain a better understanding, build partnership working, review performance and address any issues/problems that might emerge with the registered providers operating within Rushmoor. Members had met initially to determine which providers would be reviewed; once decided, site visits had been organised and information packs requested. When the information had been reviewed, a set of questions were prepared addressing the key issues and the review meetings with the providers arranged. Registered providers that had been reviewed in 2017/18 had been the Mears Group, Accent South, Stonewater Housing and Grainger Trust.


The Committee was given an update on the findings from the reviews. It was noted that, in general, tenants were happy with their homes and the service provided. Following a staff structure review at Stonewater, improvements had been made to frontline customer services. New maintenance contracts and redecorating to improve the appearance of the Mears and Accent South properties was noted at the site visits.


It was advised that VIVID, as the largest provider of social housing in the Borough, had historically been dealt with separately. However, going forward, VIVID would be incorporated into the registered providers review process, which would help to ensure a fairer and more consistent process for all providers operating in Rushmoor.


In conclusion, the review process allowed Members and Officers to gain a better understanding of the working arrangements of providers and of issues affecting residents, provided a platform for open conversation and allowed for improved accountability and partnership working.


The Committee was then advised of issues at Alexander House, Aldershot, which was operated by Accent South. The Committee agreed a request from Cllr. A.H. Crawford to join the meeting to draw attention to ongoing concerns related service charges to leaseholders to cover major repair costs from 2015/16 when some emergency repair work was required. It was noted that a number of meetings had been arranged between residents and Accent South but no solution had yet been agreed The Accent finance department continued to request the outstanding amount from residents. Cllr. Crawford felt that a further review should be undertaken with Accent South to address these concerns.


Action to be taken

By whom



Organise a meeting of the Registered Providers Task and Finish Group to discuss the issues raised by Members with Accent South.


Sue Thornett,

Strategy and Enabling Officer


September, 2018


The Committee discussed the report and concerns raised. In response to a query, it was noted that, at the beginning of the process, a general email outlining the process and providers to be reviewed was circulated to all Members for comment. Full packs were only sent to Members of the Review Group. Ward Members were consulted if a property was situated within their ward.


The Committee NOTED the report and AGREED the process for the Registered Providers Task and Finish Group going forward. A programme of meetings would be circulated to Members of the Group shortly.

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