Environment Policy and Review Panel meetings


Information about Environment Policy and Review Panel

Our Policy and Review Panels help to develop council policies, examine Cabinet decisions and review issues affecting our residents and businesses.


The work programme for the Environment Policy and Review Panel includes planning, regeneration, highways and environmental health.


Main responsibilities:


·       To review the Cabinet's forward plan and examine any issues this highlights

·       To advise the Cabinet on policies and issues referred to them

·       To examine any matters referred by the Council or the Cabinet

·       To consider issues affecting the Borough and to make recommendations as appropriate

·       To make recommendations to the Council and the Cabinet on future policy options and initiatives

·       To examine decisions made by the Council and Cabinet and raise issues

·       To 'call in' a decision of the Cabinet (or under delegated powers to a Portfolio Holder) for investigation if it considers it to be unsound and to request the matter to be reconsidered or referred to the full Council

·       To maintain a current work programme for each panel

·       To act as a 'select committee' by examining issues in depth, calling witnesses, receiving reports and producing findings

·       To review the performance of the Cabinet and the senior officer structure