Policy and Project Advisory Board - Wednesday, 23rd January, 2019 7.00 pm - Agenda and minutes

Venue: Council Offices, Farnborough

Contact: Administrator, Justine Davie  Tel. (01252) 398832, Email.  justine.davie@rushmoor.gov.uk

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The confirm the Minutes of the Meeting held on 21 November, 2018 (copy attached).


The Minutes of the meeting held on 21st November, 2018 were approved and signed by the Chairman.  It was requested that, in addition to the Progress Group update report that was on the agenda, the action notes from the Progress Group were also circulated to all members of the Advisory Board.


Action to be taken

By whom


Circulate action notes from the Progress Group to Advisory Board members

Justine Davie

7th February 2019




To receive an update on the Farnborough Civic Quarter workshop and public engagement work being carried out.


The Executive Director updated the Board on the progress to date on the Farnborough Civic Quarter engagement.  The facilitated workshops had been attended by 80 stakeholders. In addition, 150 people had visited the drop-in events and 200 web forms had been received.  GT3 would be pulling together a report setting out the results from the workshops and drop-ins which was expected to be complete by mid-February and would be reported to the April Board meeting.


It was proposed that a group similar to the Aldershot Community Together Group should be set up in Farnborough as a forum to engage with on the Farnborough Civic Quarter masterplan.  Efforts had been made to set up a group of young people to be involved in the process but responses from the colleges and secondary schools had been disappointing.  Further contact would be made with the schools and colleges to encourage participation.  Members of the Board were requested to advise the Executive Director the names of any young people that would be interested in being included in an engagement event.  It was suggested that larger numbers of young people should be consulted which it was agreed would be picked up as part of the work by the Rushmoor 2020 Task and Finish Group.



To receive an update report on the work of the Advisory Board sub groups (copy attached).


The Board received an update from the sub-groups set up under the remit of the Policy and Project Advisory Board.  The Progress Group met between Board meetings and discussed items to be included on the Board agenda.  It was agreed that the notes of the Progress Group would be circulated to the full Board in future.


The Strategic Housing and Local Plan Group had met in July and November 2018 and discussed a number of planning and housing issues.  A programme of further meetings and subject matters to be discussed had been agreed for 2019 which was circulated to the Board.  The Elections Group had met in August and November 2018 and had discussed issues arising from the May Election and new developments in electoral administration.


The Leisure Facilities & Contracts Task and Finish Group and Rushmoor 2020 Task and Finish Group had not yet met but the initial meetings had been arranged.  An update on the work of these Groups would be provided at a future Board meeting.



To discuss the Policy and Projects Advisory Board Work Programme (copy attached).


The Board NOTED the work programme.  A question was raised regarding the status of the Aldershot Lido Working Group.  The Board was advised that the work of the Aldershot Lido Working Group had been amalgamated into the work of the Leisure Facilities and Contracts Task and Finish Group.  It was suggested that consideration should be given to re-establishing the Aldershot Lido Working Group so the Friends of Aldershot Lido had a way of feeding into the work of the Leisure Facilities and Contracts Group.  The matter would be raised at the first meeting of the Leisure Facilities and Contracts Group.


Action to be taken

By whom


Leisure Facilities and Contracts Group to be asked to consider how to ensure the views of the Friends of Aldershot Lido are received and considered

Justine Davie/

Katherine Booker

12th February 2019