Policy and Project Advisory Board - Wednesday, 23rd November, 2022 7.00 pm - Agenda and minutes

Venue: Council Offices, Farnborough

Contact: Administrator, Adele Taylor  Tel. (01252) 398831, Email.  adele.taylor@rushmoor.gov.uk

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To confirm the Minutes of the Meeting held on 21st September, 2022 (copy attached).


The minutes of the meeting held on 21st September, 2022 were agreed as a correct record.


Ms Barker provided an update from Hampshire County Council (HCC) on the future approach to parking, which was discussed at the previous meeting. The updates were focussed on two of the issues raised by the Board, as follows:


·         Detail from HCC on the strategy regarding on street parking post 31st March 2023 – it was noted that, HCC intended to provide a service as good, or better, than currently provided. Existing CEO numbers would be matched or exceeded, however, this may not be the case in the first two – three months as the service was brought up to speed. HCC would continue to work with the Council to understand and target hotspots that had caused issues in the past, e.g. Aldershot Park and the Lido. Local knowledge would be obtained quickly, with the CEO’s (employed by NSL) operating out of an office in the Farnborough Library.


·         Special access route for Members to the HCC Highways Team - Members would be able to report issues directly, via the Hampshire website/email address. The issues would be diverted to the CEO team operating in Rushmoor from the Farnborough Library. Alternatively, matters could be escalated directly with the County Councillor.


Members requested an update on the letter that had been discussed at the last meeting, which would raise the Board’s concerns around the move back to HCC. This would be picked up with David Phillips and an update provided at the next Progress Group meeting.



To receive a presentation on the the Housing and Homelessness Strategy from Zoe Paine, Strategy and Enabling Officer.


The Board welcomed Tim Mills, Head of Economy, Planning and Strategic Housing who provided an update on the work around the Housing and Homelessness Strategy.


The purpose of the session had been to agree the objectives under the themes agreed at the meeting in July, 2022. There were three themes, each with a number of objectives supporting it, as set out below:


·         Theme 1 – increase the supply of good quality homes for all residents and prospective residents, for every stage of live

o   Ensure we have up to date housing needs information to inform housing priorities in the Borough

o   Implement plans and policies which encourage the delivery of a diverse range of housing types and tenures, and which support the local housing market 

o   Work collaboratively with developers in the private and social sectors and other partner agencies to maximise a sustainable housing supply and overcome challenges


·         Theme 2 - Support residents to access affordable, well managed and maintained housing in the private and social sectors

o   Continue to focus resources on preventing homelessness 

o   Re imagine the housing advice front line to increase accessibility by proactively communicating information and advice to residents in order to prevent them getting into crisis situations 

o   Work collaboratively with partners in the private and social sector to ensure homes are well managed and maintained


·         Theme 3 – work proactively to improve the condition and energy efficiency of housing in the Borough

o   Focus staff resource on enforcing standards and housing conditions in the knowledge that good housing conditions usually means good thermal efficiency 

o   Communicate effectively via digital platforms to residents and landlords about the support, advice and funding available to them to install energy efficiency measures in the existing older housing stock 

o   Work with partner organisations to improve energy efficiency, reduce fuel poverty and seek to support businesses in carbon offsetting through carbon credits to RPs for retrofitting and thereby improve residents' health and wellbeing and reduce carbon emissions per dwelling


The Board discussed each theme and it’s objectives and raised a number of comments, including:


·         Ensure we are building the right type of houses

·         Work with developers to ensure appropriate development for the Borough  - through the pre application process in planning

·         Interaction with the Local Plan – it was noted that the Housing Plan sat below the Local Plan and provided a broader vision for the Borough

·         Ensure new builds are future proofed

·         Promote sustainable/energy efficient methods at pre planning application stage


In response to a query regarding the Local Plan, it was suggested that the work would expect to commence in the Autumn of 2023 due to the current political climate, delays in Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill and likelihood of further potential changes by the Secretary of State. The cost of developing a Local Plan would be in the region of £200,000 - 300,000 and could take up to 3-4 years.


The following comments were made on the wording of the objectives in Theme 3,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 18.



To receive Report No. ACE2207 (copy attached) on the development of the 2023-26 Council Plan and the results of the 2022 Residents Survey (copy attached) from Rachel Barker, Assistant Chief Executive.

Additional documents:


Rachel Barker provided an update on the current position with the Council Business Plan and reported on the findings from the recent residents survey.


Ms Barker, referred to Report No. ACE2007 which set out the current position with the development of the Council Plan and the results of the 2022 Residents Survey. The Board noted the shift towards outcome based budgeting and the impact this would have on the development of the Council Plan, alongside consideration of the outcomes from the 2022 Residents Survey. It was therefore recommended that, the refresh of the Council Plan be “paused” until the work, as set out above, had been completed. The intention would then be for the refresh to be undertaken in February 2023, however, this date would be reviewed as the work progressed. An update on the development of the Council Plan would be provided at the January 2023 meeting of the Board.


The Board NOTED the current position.


The Board discussed the 2022 Residents Survey. It was noted that 1058 responses had been received which provided an insight into what residents were thinking/feeling.The Board discussed how more people could be encouraged to engage in the survey, including door-to-door and a town centre  presence.


The Board discussed the mental health and wellbeing aspect of the survey and it was noted that the data received would help in discussions regarding national funding, such as Levelling Up, as national data had shown a different picture for Rushmoor than was the feeling locally.


Moving forward it would be important to engage residents from different age groups and minority backgrounds, to achieve a more representative response. This could be achieved by alternating what data was requested in each survey.


It was note that the report would be shared with our partners to inform local work/initiatives.


WORK PLAN pdf icon PDF 198 KB

To discuss the Policy and Project Advisory Board Work Plan (copy attached).


The Board noted the current Work Plan.


Items for the next meeting of the Board on 25th January, 2023, including the Council Plan, would be picked up at the next Progress Group meeting.