Overview and Scrutiny Committee - Thursday, 18th July, 2019 7.00 pm - Agenda and minutes

Venue: Council Offices, Farnborough

Contact: Administrator, Adele Taylor  Tel. (01252) 398831, Email.  adele.taylor@rushmoor.gov.uk

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Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 83 KB

To confirm the Minutes of the Meeting held on 30th May, 2019 (copy attached).


The minutes of the meeting held on 30th May, 2019 were agreed as a correct record.


Environmental Services Contract Task and Finish Group pdf icon PDF 81 KB

A report is attached on the work of the Task and Finish Group during the 2018/19 and the Committee is asked to consider the recommendations. The Chairman of the Group (Cllr. J.B. Canty) will be in attendance to introduce the report.

Additional documents:


The Committee reviewed the Environmental Services Contract Task and Finish Group Report No: DSP1907 on the findings of the group and the recommendations.


The Group had met several times which had included a visit to the Council’s depot in Ash Vale at which Members had met with SERCO managers. The key items discussed were as follows:


·         Recyclables – Members had asked if the range of items collected could be increased. Mixed plastics and food waste had been discussed

·         Contract performance – Members had been generally impressed with overall performance, particularly Street Cleansing and Grounds Maintenance

·         Income from glass and garden waste recycling services – Members had received detailed information on income from these services

·         Commercial services – Members had received a presentation from SERCO on its commercial offering

·         Member of public access portal – the first live service (Christmas tree collections) had been demonstrated to the Group


It was noted that some changes were suggested, although it was generally recognised that performance by the contractor was good. The Task and Finish Group had agreed the following recommendations to the Committee that could then be raised with the Cabinet or Portfolio Holder:



1)      The Council conducts sensitivity analysis to test how the price of the Garden Waste Collection Service could affect subscription rates as a way of considering if a reduction or increase in subscription price would increase/decrease subscription numbers (a comparison to be made with neighbouring authorities).


2)    SERCO be requested to explore ways to increase recycling collections as part of its Commercial Services offer. SERCO to be asked to propose how the commercial recycling customer base could be increased.


3)    A performance target be introduced for the number of additional subscribers as part of the upcoming glass and green waste campaigns. The Council could look at and set targets for glass recycling participation and garden waste subscribers for the year 2020/21.


4)    A review to be undertaken in 6-9 months’ time and reported to the Progress Group.


In addition, it was suggested that the principles set out in the “end violence at work charter” should be integrated within SERCO’s policies and working practices. The Group had agreed that, at this time, the Policy and Project Advisory Board should be asked to consider the Council’s response prior to any requests being made to SERCO.


The Committee discussed the recommendations and was of the view they complimented the approach set out in the Climate Change Motion approved at the Council Meeting on 20th June, 2019 and it was, therefore, AGREED that the recommendations should be supported and raised with the Portfolio Holder.




Workforce Report 2018/19 pdf icon PDF 442 KB

To consider the CLT report on the Workforce 2018/19 Report presented by Karen Edwards, Corporate Director (copy attached).


The Committee received the Human Resources Report 2018/19 which provided details on the Rushmoor workforce trends.


Executive Director (Karen Edwards) presented the report and detailed workforce numbers, gender breakdown, ethnic breakdown, full time/part time data and age profile. Turnover and recruitment were also explained and a number of issues were raised for consideration, including pay around non-traditional roles and communication. It was noted that the Council were struggling to recruit in certain areas, these included planning, digital communications and IT roles, such as developers.


The data held on sickness showed that the Council was below the average for district councils as reported in the Local Government Association (LGA) Workforce Survey 2016/17, issued in June, 2018. The main reasons for sickness had been recorded as gastrointestinal, cough/cold/flu, musculoskeletal/back problems and depression/stress/anxiety. It was noted that the highest percentage of time lost had been due to anxiety, stress and depression which had accounted for approximately 23% of total sickness absence in 2018/19. It was advised that employees could gain additional support from the Employee Assistant Programme (EAP) provided by Health Assured. EAP offered face to face and telephone counselling and a health portal for advice. The Council was currently working to understand what more could be done to better support the health and wellbeing in the workforce. The number of sick days in the Operational Services area was highlighted although it was noted that this service was the amalgamation of two of the old service areas and the staff head count was much higher than other services. Karen Edwards undertook to find out more about the level of sickness in the service.


It was noted that the Council had a number of level 2 and 3 apprenticeship schemes. However, the provider of the Council’s apprenticeship programme had recently gone into liquidation and a new provider was being sought so these schemes could continue. It was advised that there was still a considerable sum available from the apprenticeship levy, which had been established in 2017 and the Council aimed to make more of this levy going forward. Reference was also made to the success of the Leadership Programme in which 14 people were participating.


The Committee discussed and ENDORSED the Report and requested that an annual report be brought back to the Committee for consideration.






To look in more detail at the sickness figures and the reasons why for Operational Services.


Karen Edwards, Executive Director

September, 2019



Review of Parking Strategy in the Centre of North Camp

At the request of Cllr. Abul Chowdhury to consider reviewing the parking strategy in the centre of North Camp. Cllr. Chowdhury is of the view that the shopping centre creates a unique sense of community and the shops rely heavily on people being able to park conveniently and cheaply. He is asking that a costed feasibility study is conducted to examine the following options, which he feels will benefit both shoppers and residents:


1.    20 minutes free parking on Camp Road

2.    1 hour free parking in Peabody Road car park and/or Napier Gardens car park


Cllr. Abul Chowdhury attended the meeting to request that the Committee consider a review of the parking strategy in the centre of North Camp. Cllr. Chowdhury explained that the shopping centre created a unique sense of community and that the shops relied heavily on people being able to park conveniently and cheaply. His request was to ask the Committee to consider carrying out a costed feasibility study to examine the following options:


·         20 minutes free parking in Camp Road

·         1 hour free parking in Peabody Road and/or Napier Gardens car parks


The Committee discussed the request and it was felt that it could have a ripple effect across the Borough if agreed, with other shopping areas expecting the same benefit. It was also felt that revenue probably wouldn’t change and increased costs would be incurred through monitoring the scheme.


The Committee was advised that there was currently no budget to carry out a feasibility study and the Council was also prioritising work on the regeneration of the two town centres. However, during discussions Karen Edwards, offered to set up a meeting with the three ward councillors to review the data held on parking charges held by the Council in relation to the North Camp area.






Meeting be arranged with the St. Mark’s Ward Members to review the data held on parking charges.


Karen Edwards, Executive Director

August, 2019




Moor Road Playing Fields Project

To receive a presentation from Mr. Andrew Colver, Head of Democracy, Strategy and Partnerships, on the Moor Road Playing Fields Project.


The Committee received a presentation on the redevelopment for community use of the Moor Road Recreation Ground.


A brief overview of the background to the project was given by Andrew Colver, Head of Democracy, Strategy and Partnerships. It was reported that the project had commenced in 2017 when consultations had been carried out with residents, ward councillors, schools and the Prospect Youth Club and the Cabinet had given approval to take the project forward to the planning stage. At that time PEBL (Prospect Estate Big Local) had committed £47,000 towards the project. During 2018, other funding sources had been identified and onsite ground investigations had been undertaken.


The scheme had been revised in Spring 2019 to exclude the skate park following the Farnborough Civic Quarter consultation had shown a demand for this type of facility within the town centre. The revised scheme would include a “destination playground”, two activity zones, a MUGA (Multi Use Games Area), BMX Pump Track and an extension to the existing car park. Infrastructure would also be in place to add lighting and youth shelters at a later stage if required. A funding application had been submitted to Sport England for £50,000, and a new planning application submitted early July, 2019, which would exclude the skate park.


The Committee were shown visuals and plans of the proposed site/equipment and were advised that a plan of the final design would be on display at the Prospect Centre in due course. The overall cost of the project was expected to be around £450,000 to be financed through developers’ contributions, PEBL, the CPE  (Car Park Enhancement) account and Sports England. The tender process would commence in early August, 2019 and awarded at the end of September, 2019. It was expected that works would be completed in Spring 2020.


The Committee discussed various elements of the project and raised the issue of antisocial behaviour. It was felt that the area could be vulnerable to criminal activity and it was suggested that directional/low level lighting could be utilised.


In conclusion, the redevelopment was supported but that consideration should be given to the following:


·         Lighting – To look at the infrastructure of some of the facilities and make improvements to the scheme if necessary, to help prevent antisocial behaviour. It was suggested that the Community Safety Team should be consulted

·         Consultation with the Cove Brook Greenway Group


The Committee ENDORSED the scheme and NOTED that a report would be made to the Cabinet in August, 2019.


Work Plan pdf icon PDF 132 KB

To review the current work plan (copy attached).


The Committee noted the current work plan and noted that the proposed date for the scrutiny training session would be changed and a new date advised.