Cabinet - Tuesday, 10th November, 2020 7.00 pm - Agenda and minutes

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To confirm the Minutes of the meeting held on 13th October, 2020 (copy attached).


The Minutes of the meeting of the Cabinet held on 13th October, 2020 were confirmed.



To consider Report No. ACE2001 (copy attached), which sets out changes to how the Council reports its performance and provides details of progress made in delivering the priorities set out in the Council’s Business Plan for the second quarter of 2020/21.

Presented By: Cllr Adrian Newell, Democracy, Strategy and Partnerships Portfolio Holder


The Cabinet received Report No. ACE2001, which set out details of changes to the process by which the Council’s performance was reported to Members. The Report also detailed progress in delivering the Council Business Plan projects during the second quarter of the 2020/21 municipal year. Members were informed that this was the first of a number of proposed changes following the appointment of the Council’s Assistant Chief Executive. The changes were intended to strengthen and improve policy development, performance reporting and risk management activities across the Council. It was explained that, from this point, the Summary Project Progress Report would only provide information in relation to projects that were not on track. It was confirmed that over two thirds of projects were identified as making good progress and details of these could be found on the Council’s website ( It was reported that, generally, good progress was being made against a very ambitious programme of work, taking account of the current pandemic and ongoing resource constraints.


The Cabinet NOTED the progress made towards delivering the Council Business Plan, as set out in Report No. ACE2001.



To consider Report No. DCS2002 (copy attached), which sets out an action plan in respect of the Council’s Climate Change Strategy Statement.

Presented By: Cllr Ken Muschamp, Deputy Leader of the Council


The Cabinet considered Report No. DCS2002, which set out an action plan in support of the Council’s Climate Change Strategy Statement 2020-2030. The Chairman welcomed the Leader of the Labour Group (Cllr K. Dibble) to the meeting. Cllr Dibble had requested to address the Cabinet on this matter.


Members were reminded that the Cabinet had, at its meeting on 2nd June, 2020, approved a Climate Change Strategy Statement for 2020–2030. This document contained the strategic framework for addressing the climate emergency that had been declared by the Council at its meeting on 20th June, 2019. Since that time, work had been undertaken to develop an action plan that took account of the priorities set out in the Council Business Plan, practice from other places and the work being carried out by other authorities in this area, especially Hampshire County Council. It was explained that the action plan contained a long list of actions that would be carried out over the ten-year period. It was proposed that the action plan would be updated on an annual basis to reflect the work undertaken, changes in priorities and progress towards achieving the Council’s objectives. The Report included a number of actions to be carried out over the following year, including the establishment of a food waste collection service and the setting up of a cross party Cabinet Working Group to assist with the delivery of this. The Leader of the Labour Group expressed support for the action plan and commented that it was essential that the projects should receive adequate funding. It was confirmed that discussions had been held with Stagecoach in relation to the reduction of the carbon footprint of local public transport. It was also confirmed that the Council would continue to promote green initiatives in its regeneration activities and in its discussions with local developers.


In response to a question, it was confirmed that the Council would communicate clearly with local residents in relation to green initiatives and, in particular, would try to use language that could be understood by all.


The Cabinet RESOLVED that


(i)           the Climate Change Action Plan 2020-2030, as set out in Report No. DCS2002, be approved;


(ii)          the adoption of a separate food waste collection service in 2021/22 and the appointment of a Cabinet Working Group to guide the development and detail of the implementation plan, as set out in paragraph 4 and Annex 2 of the Report, be approved; and


(iii)         the proposed expenditure, as set out in paragraph 5 of the Report, and the process for allocating resources from the earmarked reserve fund in the Council’s budget, be approved.